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Welcome to my site! You will find the listing to all my pages at the top of this lay out. This is the second site I have attemped to construct by myself so hopefully you will find it user friendly even though I am still a novice at web site creation. The point of this site is to introduce you to my own flock and to hopefully share any and all knowledge I have gleaned along the way that you might find of any interest or help. It is also a good way to keep better records for myself as being a sort of log/diary of important dates and breeding decisions made along my way.

We are located in North Idaho~very near the Canadian border actually. Our small hobby farm here is situated on nearly 24 acres and we can see the Pend Oreille river from our we are not river front but we ARE river view property :) We have lived here for 30+ years now and we love our property. We plan to build what we call our dream cabin in our near future. We want it as rustic as possible to blend in with our property. It is a big dream of ours and I sure hope it comes to be before we are too ancient to enjoy it!

I need to mention here that we raise AMERICAN Blackbelly sheep-ABB- (along with our Polypay crosses) and not the original Barbados Blackbelly-BBB. Below is an excerpt most graciously shared with me by Carol Elkins-Secretary of the Barbados Blackbelly Sheep Association International (or BBSAI). I added a link to this association on my links page as well so please take the time to visit that site for a wealth of information on the two types. (UPDATE: Since this writing I have changed my breeding program and eliminated my American Blackbelly stock~Reason being their rate of gain was not meeting the weights that my meat market expected from a 6 month old lamb. I am leaving all the breed information on my site here though as I think many will find it of interest along with the pics of my past animals. I have switched breeds over to the Dorper and Katahdins specifically.) Here is the excerpt from Carol Elkins-

"Let's make sure we are using the correct breed names, especially when trying to help someone not familiar with either breed.
Barbados Blackbelly are polled (neither ram nor ewe has horns). They are not called barbado or anything other than Barbados Blackbelly. There are fewer than 500 of these sheep in the U.S. The registry for Barbados Blackbelly is closed, meaning that only sheep whose parents are registered can be registered themselves. This helps ensure that crossbreeds don't slip into the common gene pool.
American Blackbelly rams have horns, and often the ewes have horns or scurs. They should not be called "barbado," but they often are in Texas because it is a common nickname. American Blackbelly breeders have worked hard to develop their breed so that it consistently and predictably reproduces true to type. White, other than in the tip of the tail, is a disqualifying trait.
Barbado is not a breed. Barbado sheep meet no breed standard. They often do not have black bellies or facial barbs. They often are cross-bred sheep and may display various degrees of wooliness and off-type markings, but generally are a hair sheep."

I have mostly free ranged our sheep from the very start. I don`t feel qualified to add a page on feeding (at least at this time) as I am still in all the beginning learning phases and I don`t want to imply that I know a proper feeding regimen that would suit anyone else`s sheep. I know that we live in a selenium deficient area so we do need to supplement. I feed a good quality alfalfa hay along with Timothy hay in winter months. I still offer hay during the grazing season as well but I am able to cut way back on the amount. I keep a mineral supplement of 2 types available free choice to them year round along with making sure they have access to fresh clean water at all times.

On health issues~such as vaccinations and worming~I am no expert at all and don`t pretend to be. I work closely with my vet for those issues and I would advise others that wish to raise any livestock do the same. I belong to 2 sheep groups on Yahoo groups. If you are not familiar with Yahoo groups you should look into them as there are as many groups as their are topics and a great way to interact with folks that share your own hobbies/interests. I highly recommend them!   

I am still in the very beginning stages of building this site so if you can check back often you may see a lot of changes as I progress. Hopefully it will get easier and easier to navigate. I am still formatting and have a lot of pictures to be added. If you click on the individual albums on the photo pages you will get a full description and better viewing. If you visit my blog page it should always have the latest updates for quick catching up~I hope you enjoy!