Shadow Ridge Farm`s Sheep

The magnificent Ring Sign In or Register to add photos

Here is Ring in his new spacious home. Denny and Cindy Brune in Concrete, Washington have provided the dream home for any ram and I am so glad that Ring holds that honor along with their other very fortunate animal members.He left us to join them on June 22, 2011 which I announced in one of my blog entries but those entries get burried as new entries are added so I wanted to dedicate a special page to a very very important ram in our lives. We opted to part with him as he was severely injured in a battle with one of our other rams a year ago. Being the alpha ram here before that incident it was only a matter of time before he could have been possibly killed in another battle here. Rather than seclude him here we knew he would have a much better life with the Brunes and the home they would provide for him. I will add updates as the Brunes provide them and I wish all the best for them and their bossoming farm! Thank you Brunes!
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